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*Like your spicy food? Ask for specific curry strengths*

*Fresh Indian Takeaway Serving Inverclyde including Greenock, Gourock, Wemyss Bay, Inverkip & Port Glasgow from our Greenock town centre location – 2 Robertson Street, Greenock, PA16 8DB*

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Before ordering please speak to our staff about your requirements

Takeaway Menu

  • Set Meals

  • Set meal for ONE

    • £13.50

    2 poppadoms & spiced onions

    any one regular starter

    choice of any 1 main course curry

    1 fried rice or 1 nan bread

  • Set meal for TWO

    • £19.50

    2 poppadoms & spiced onions

    any one regular starter

    choice of any 2 main course curries

    1 fried rice & 1 nan bread

  • Set meal for THREE

    • £29.00

    2 poppadoms & spiced onions

    any two regular starter

    choice of any 3 main course curries

    2 fried rice & 1 nan bread

  • Range Of Juice

    • Half Pint £1.70
    • Pint £2.80

    Capri Sun / Ginger Beer / Fresh Orange / Appletise / Tonic Water / Mineral Water / Pepsi (diet) / Irn Bru (diet) 

  • Onion Bhaji

    • Regular £4.00
    • Large £5.00
  • Haggis Pakora

    • Regular £5.50
    • Large £6.50
  • South Indian Garlic Chilli (hot)

    spicy garlic chilli sauce 

  • Saag Wala

    medium strength dish cooked with fresh spinach

  • Butter Massala

    creamy tomato sauce, yet infused with spicy flavours and butter

  • Garam Massala

    a rich blend of exotic Indian spices creating a spicy speciality dish

  • Methi Saag

    freshly chopped fenugreek, mustard leaves and spinach cooked to perfection

  • Jaipuri Jeera

    cooked with onions, peppers & mushrooms with roasted cumin seeds

  • Hyderabadi

    a festive dish cooked with a touch of cream and mild spices 

  • Adhraki

    freshly chopped coriander and ginger base

  • Mukani Karahi

    karahi presentation flavoured with butter

  • Maharaja Curry

    medium strength traditional curry, an old favourite

  • Dum Ki Biriyani

    aromatic rice preparation served with separate sauce 

  • Dehli Lamb

    (lamb only) lamb curry traditional Indian style

  • Thangupan Kofta

    (lamb only) minced lamb meat balls cooked in a rich condensed sauce 

  • Jalfrezi

    cooked with a touch of fresh cream, vegetables and chopped green chillies

  • Keema Mutter

    (lamb only) dry minced lamb dish cooked with fresh green peas

  • Special Korma

    mild creamy korma cooked with a hint of baileys liqueur 

  • Baygum Bahar

    prepared in a traditional cast iron karahi with various spices, fresh coriander and a mince lamb base

  • Dhansac

    lashings of lentils and eastern spices

  • Balti

    a host of spices in a medium sauce with chopped peppers and onions (also available in spinach)

  • Mirchi Korma

    creamy sauce with sliced peppers and hot green chillies

  • Achari

    a strong, spicy dish, slightly sours, cooked with tangy pickle, fresh green chillies and lemon

  • Rogan Josh

    tomato based with sliced onions, fenugreek and a subtle blend of spices (contains nuts)

  • Masaledar

    karahi preparation with capsicums and a sweet and sour & sour twist

  • Ceylonese Curry (hot)

    a hot dish cooked with our coconut and chilli sauce 

  • Karahi

    a typical north frontier karahi preparation with sliced peppers in a medium stength sauce

  • Chasni

    light, creamy, sweet and sour sauce

  • Shahi Korma

    delicately spiced coconut based korma

  • Bhoona

    a condensed sauce with plenty of ginger, garlic and tomatoes

  • Tandoori Massala

    cooked with yoghurt, peppers, spring onions, fresh herbs and spices (slightly spicy sauce)

  • Passanda

    creamy cashew nut based dish with dried fruits

  • Madras (hot)

    a hot curry with grinded green and red chillies

  • Patia

    tangy sweet and sour sauce

  • Nashilee

    prepared in a cast iron sizzler with our exotic spices, cooked with roasted pepper and onions highly recommended

  • Vindaloo (very hot)

    not for the faint hearted - extremely hot

  • Creamy Tikka Masala

    mild tangy sauce cooked with tomato, fresh cream & cashewnuts

  • Dopiaza

    medium strength Muglai dish cooked with oodles of onions

  • Tandoori Cuisine

    All served with separate curry sauce

  • Malai Chicken Tikka

    • £9.50

    mild chiken pieces marinated in a light spiced cream based marinate

  • Traditional Chicken Tikka

    • £9.50

    marinated with freshly ground spices, ginger and garlic

  • Paneer Tikka

    • £9.50

    roasted cubes of marinated Indian tofu

  • Rajasthani Soola

    • £10.50

    barbecued lamb marinated in a traditional Rajasthan masala 

  • Tandoori Jhenga

    • £11.50

    jumbo tiger prawns marinated with exotic spices laced in saffron yoghurt

  • Spicy Grill Selection

    • £11.50

    freshly barbecued chicken and lamb from our tandoori oven

  • Fish Tikka

    • £11.50

    barbecued white fish chunks marinated with exotic spices

  • Manchurian

    mixed vegetable dumplings in a spicy Indian-Thai sauce 

  • Aloo Gobi

    dry sauteed potatoes and cauliflower preparation 

  • Mushroom Bhaji

    mushrooms sauteed in a dry masala paste

  • Dal Palak

    lentils laced with spinach and cooked to perfection

  • Subzi Miloni

    seasonal vegetables in a traditional curry sauce

  • Punjabi Channa

    dry norther Indian style spicy chickpeas

  • Palak Paneer

    Indian tofu cooked in a fresh spinach sauce

  • Bhindi Bhaji

    baby okra sauteed dry bhaji style

  • Turka Daal

    tempered yellow lentils flavoured with green herbs

  • Bombay Aloo

    spicy dry potato preparation

  • Western Dishes

    Adult Course £11.90 - Child Course £5.90

  • Vegetable Florentine

    steamed vegetables in a creamy sauce, topped with grated cheese and served with steamed rice or fries

  • Scampi & Chips

    traditional deep fried luxurious scampi served with, french fries and crispy salad

  • Southern Fried Chicken & Chips

    breast of chicken coated in golden breadcrumbs and shallow fried 

  • Stronganoff Chicken

    steamed chicken breast and mushrooms topped with traditional stroganoff sauce and served with steamed rice or fries

  • Omelettes

    choice of chicken, ham, cheese or mushroom and served with french fries

  • Chicken Nuggets

    battered bite sized pieces of tender chicken breast served with fries

  • Succulent Fillet Steak

    cooked to your preference, served sizzling on a bed of fried mushrooms, tomatoes & onions

  • Roti (thin chapati)

    • £1.50
  • Plain Naan

    • £2.80
  • Garlic Naan

    • £3.10
  • Peshwari Naan

    • £3.10
  • Tandoori Paratha

    • £2.80
  • Tandoori Roti

    • £1.50
  • Tawa Paratha

    • £2.80
  • Gluten Free Bread

    • £2.80
  • Poppadoms (each)

    • £0.80
  • Chutney Selection

    • £2.00
  • Individual Chutney

    • £1.00
  • Mixed Salad

    • £3.50
  • Raita

    • £2.50
  • Chips

    • £2.20
  • Pulao Rice

    • £2.50
  • Steamed Rice

    • £2.20
  • Thai Fried Rice

    • £2.90
  • Special Rice (various)

    • £2.90